More About Our Brake Service Equipment


The development and manufacture of vertical turning and grinding machines is a HUNGER speciality. We have been active in this field for more than 30 years. More than 5000 satisfied users of HUNGER vertical turning machines have endorsed this principle.

Advantages of the vertical design:

All workpieces can be clamped and centred accurately on the horizontal work-table without any problem. The weight of the workpiece is distributed uniformly. As work holding devices can be used three-jaw chuck, locating flanges, taper plugs and special clamping devices.

The U 305 is designed for universal application, as well as for easy and convenient operation. It is precise in its operation and has a nearly unlimited life. The main spindle is carried on taper roller bearings fitted for life.

The speed of rotation of the work-table is steplessly variable. The feed is "intermittent". The vertical and horizontal feed drives are powered by electronically controlled, steplessly variable DC motors.


The E328 is our answer to the rapid proliferation of brake discs on commercial vehicles.

The only remedy for braking vibrations. Turning the brake disc on the axle eliminates brake chudder and steering vibration due to excessive runout.

The saving of labour in removal and replacement and the cost of new brake discs ensures full recovery of the investment and workshop costs after very few instances of use.

The brake discs are turned on both sides in one operation.

The automatic feed is steplessly variable. It is incremental using the well-known "intermittent" system, invented by HUNGER.

The E 328 fits directly on the 10 hole hub (Euro axle). For other dimensions intermediate flanges are available.

The machine is firmly attached to a lifting and mounting trolley which can be set to suit the height and inclination of the vehicle axle. The electrical feed limit switch for guard less operation is standard as well as the emergency stop button.

A star-delta switch for soft start is optional available.

The machine is rigidly supported and therefore does not rely in any way on the quality of the vehicle hub bearings. Precision machining is the result.


Accurate riveting of brake linings is an essential requirement for the safe operation of vehicle brakes and avoidance of a major source of brake squeal. The N 333 assures quality operation and thus a quality brake job.

Maximum riveting force of 50,000 N at a working pressure of 9 bar.

The riveting force can be infinitely varied in accordance with the rivet diameter and read directly on the pressure gauge. This facilitates faultless results without damage in the vicinity of the rivet.

The riveting stroke of 50 mm ensures trouble free operation even when access is difficult. The tool speed of 1, 65 m/min makes for rapid throughput.

The quick change tool clamps provide simple and quick tool changes, reducing down time.


The standard on the car brake lathe ensures best braking performance without vibration problems and satisfied customer. In more than 4500 work shops around the world for over 25 years!

Machining rotors on the car is the only method to precisely compensate for lateral runout in the hub and bearing, a major factor in eliminating customer comebacks through vibration problems from pedal pulsation and noise. In addition on-car machining saves also time where the removal of the disc from the hub is not easy (hubbed rotors).

Easy operation and perfect results regarding surface finish, parallelism and lateral runout of the brake disc.

Less warranty complaints = higher customer satisfaction and better reputation.

Better braking performance through perfect seat and grip between pad and disc surface.

Brake discs are machined on both sides in one operation.

Intermittent feed for a non-directional finish eliminates noise complaints

For dismounted brake discs as well as brake drums and for flywheels, the E 326a can also be used as a bench lathe.

Approvals and recommendations by all major car manufacturers.

E 326g - high performance lathe for brake disc diameter up to 410mm. Capable of working on brakes of all cars/trucks like SUV, Pick-up and high performance cars. High speed cutting with 112 rpm!