Tyre Changers

Size of the turntable – check the external rim gripping diameter capacity specifications of your potential new tyre changer. Enquire with our consultants today.

Size of the WHEEL - Don’t just check for the rim size, but also take a look at the actual diameter of the wheel it will accept. Enquire on our training on Tyre Changers.

Helper arms - If you intend on fitting anything larger than a 17 inch low profile tyre consider having it fitted with a third arm or bead press device.

Manual swing arm vs tilt back - Tilt back machines have been the preferred style of machine for fitting low profile, Ultra High Performance and run flat tyres for decades as they are a much more rigid machine than the “manual swing arm” type machine.

Bead blaster or jet bead seat. Tubeless tyres, particularly four-wheel drive tyres can be very difficult to seal or seat the tyres beads to the rim. This is needed to create an air tight seal so the tyre stays inflated. The bead blast or jet bead seat option shoots a high volume, high pressure blast of air into the tyre which helps to seat the tyre. This feature can be a great time saver and I would highly recommend purchasing a machine with this feature.

Buying a new piece of equipment in Africa can get confusing at the best of times. Here’s a few ideas which will hopefully clear some of the mist when purchasing a wheel balancer or tyre fitting machine & equipment in Africa.