Wheel Maintenance

Follow these additional guidelines

Don’t overload your vehicle
Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the load limits. Overloading your vehicle places stress on your tyres and other critical vehicle components. This can also cause poor handling, increased fuel consumption and may cause tyre damage. Never fit your vehicle with new tyres that have less load capacity than shown on the vehicle tyre placard, and remember that optimum rim width is important for proper tyre load distribution and function.

Maintain vehicle suspension & wheel alignment, & balance & rotate your tyres
Lack of rotation, worn suspension parts, under inflation, over inflation, wheel imbalance, and misalignment can cause vibration or irregular tyre wear. Rotate your tyres according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or at maximum intervals of 6,000 mi./10,000 km..

How to read a tyre D.O.T. serial number
D.O.T. stands for Department of Transportation. This number is located on the lower sidewall of each tyre, showing that the tyre meets or exceeds the Department of Transportation safety standards.

Understanding Tyre D.O.T. serial numbers
12-digit number: 2000’s production
11-digit number: 1990’s production