Wheel Alignment

The signs of bad wheel alignment on your car:

1. Drifting to the left or right direction on a smooth road

When you struggle to keep the car straight, you must take it to a servicing center to check the wheels. A wheel issue tends to make a vehicle veer into one direction on a flat road. To be sure, take your hands off the steering on an empty road and see if it drifts to the left or right direction a little.

2. The Abnormal Worn Out Condition Of Tires

All the tires have an average lifespan, and they tend to wear off after that period. However, the signs are different when it sprouts from bad wheel alignment. Usually, the tread thins out because of lack of tire rotation. In such cases, you'll see cupping on the outside edges of the front tires. On the other hand, if the alignment is off track, you may see excessive wear on both the outside and inside edges.

3. Sloppy Or Hard Wheels

Both the conditions are risky, especially when you are driving on a busy street or a road full of curves. It could be a problem with suspension components if you feel the wheels are loose or not holding up tightly while making a turn. However, bad wheel alignment is the culprit in most cases. Similarly, the same thing could be the reason of hard steering.

4. The Steering Vibrates While Driving

The wheel alignment cause a vibration when it's off balance. It mostly happens when the car hits a pot hole or bumps into something and knocks out the wheels of their position. However, the shaking could be the repercussion of many other serious problems such as warped brake rotors, damaged suspension components, and misaligned tires.

5. The Noises

Bad alignment noise will warn you about displaced wheels. So, you should pay attention when your vehicle is making creaking, knocking, or squeaking sound. Although issues with suspension and loose or damaged components can be the reasons of strange noises coming underneath a vehicle, bad wheel alignment could be another potential cause.