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Hoffmann, Motormeter and so much more at SYCO
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Hoffmann, Motormeter and so much more at SYCO

Hunger E326

Machining rotors on the car is the

only method to precisely compensate

for lateral runout in the hub

and bearing, a major factor in eliminating

customer comebacks from

pedal pulsation and noise.

• The E 326a is also perfect for correction

of rusty deposits on the

discs after a lengthy storage.

• The rigid construction of the lathe

and its components ensures long

lasting use and superior surface


• Brake discs are machined on both

sides in one operation.

• The universal adapter for 3, 4, 5, 6

and 8-hole hubs covers almost any

car- and light truck application. No

need for many different and costly

adapters. Large trucks may require

a special flange.

• Simple mounting and operation of

the lathe saves time and increase


• On-car machining saves also time

where the removal of the disc from

the hub is not easy.

• Intermittent feed for a nondirectional

finish eliminats noise


• For dismounted brake discs as well

as for flywheels, the E 326a can

also be used as a bench lathe.

• The optional portable stand makes

mounting easy and provides a solid



Hunger E326 | SYCO Brake Service | SYCO Hunger U305  | SYCO

Hunger U305

The development and manufacture of vertical turning and grinding machines is a HUNGER speciality. We have been active in this field for more than 40 years. More than 4000 satisfied users of HUNGER vertical turning machines have endorsed this principle.

• Advantages of the vertical design: all workpieces can be clamped and centered accurately on the horizontal worktable without any problem. The weight of the workpiece is distributed uniformly. As workholding devices can be used three-jaw chuck, loca-ting flanges, taper plugs and special clamping devices.

• The U 305 is designed for universal application, as well as for easy and convenient operation. It is precise in its operation and has a nearly unlimi-ted life. The main spindle is carried on taper roller bearings fitted for life.

• The speed of rotation of the work-table is steplessly variable. The feed is "intermittent" (page 3). The vertical and horizontal feed drives are powe-red by electronically controlled, ste-plessly variable DC motors.

• For rapid and precise adjustment of the drum turning diameter an LCD digital read-out can be incorporated.

• For the loading and unloading of the U 305 suits the free standing jib crane which can be delivered with an electric or a manual hoist.

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Hunger U328 | SYCO

Hunger U328

The E 328 is our answer to the rapid proliferation of brake discs on commercial vehicles.


Hunger N333


Hunger N333 | SYCO Hunger N333 | SYCO Hunger N333 | SYCO Hunger N333 | SYCO