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Technobrake TB4M

Model Number:TB-4M

Effective Measuring Range:0 - 6 kN.

Axle mass with 50% braking:2500 kg.

Maximum drive over Mass:4000 kg.

Maximum test width:2240 mm.

Minimum test width:840 mm.

Test Speed:5 km/hr.

Roller Diameter:226 mm.

Roller Length:700 mm.

Roller spacing between centres:400 mm.

Rear roller raised by:35 mm.

Roller coating:Alu-oxide/Epoxy

Motor Power:2 X 3 kW.

Measuring System:Loadcells.

Pit Size:755 mm x 2670 mm x 300 mm. ( I /D of base frame.)

Power Supply:380 volt 3 phase with Neutral & Earth.


Technobrake TB4M | SYCO

Technobrake TB14M

Model Number:TB-14M ( 14 Ton axle. Analogue & Digital Display)

Effective Measuring Range:0 – 30 kN

Axle Mass with 50% braking:10,000 kg

Maximum drive over Mass:14000 kg

Maximum test width:3000 mm

Minimum test width:800 mm

Test Speed:2.5 km/hr

Roller Diameter:230 mm

Roller Length:1100 mm

Roller spacing between centres:500 mm

Rear roller raised by:50 mm

Roller coating:Alu Oxide / Epoxy Compound

Motor Power:2 x 11 kW

Measuring system:Loadcells

Power supply: 400 Volt 3 phase with Neutral & Earth


Technobrake TB14M | SYCO Sidomax 850 | SYCO

Sidomax 850

Maximum Axle Mass: 8,000 Kg

Measuring Range:0 - 15.5 mm/m Toe in & Out

Measuring Plate Dimensions:294 mm x 850 mm

Supply Voltage:220 -250 V. AC

Digital Readout:Bright LED Display

Character Height:40 mm

Visible from:30 meters

Minimum operating threshold:0,7 mm/m

Accuracy:Linear and within 0,5 mm/m

Base Frame:972 x 414 x 50


Play Detector PD4

Maximum Axle Weight: 4,000 kg.

Maximum Axle Test weight: 4,000 kg.

Maximum Plate Movement: 80 mm.

Maximum Horizontal Force Per Plate: 6KN.

Electrical Supply: 380 Volt 3-Phase

Motor: 2X2.2 kW

Plate Dimentions: 800 X 950mm


Play Detector PD4 | SYCO

We also supply the following for vehicle testing:

Play Detector PD4 | SYCO

Headlight Testers


Tape Measures

Tyre Tread Depth Gauges

Dummy Coupling Sets

Kingpin & 5th Wheel Kit

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