Tyre Maintenance

Here are tire maintenance tips anyone can follow
Regularly check the tread of each tire; every two weeks should be at least.

2 Carry out appropriate checks across the width of the tire and around its circumference.

3 Check the depth of the main tread grooves in several places along and around the tire.

4 Use a simple gauge to check tread depth. The legal minimum tread depth for a car is 1.6mm in the middle three quarters of the tread width and all around its perimeter.

Don't wait until a tire has reached the legal minimum size to change it.

6 You will also find wear indicators at regular intervals around the main grooves. When a tire's tread wears down to the level these indicators indicate, the tire is within legal limits and should be replaced.

7 Check for cuts, tears, swelling and dents. This may be due to driving over a pothole or hitting the curb. If in doubt, have the tire checked by a specialist as soon as possible.

8 Check the pressure with a tire pressure gauge or the air pressure machines found in most garage forecourts (some will charge you, some are free). You can usually find the pressures for your car in your owner's manual. You can also find the pressure on the driver's door pillar or in the fuel filler cap. If not, you can find the pressures you need on a tire pressure website.

Change the recommended tire pressure when carrying a full load or many passengers. So, make sure you use the right number for the trips you will be taking.

10 Don't forget to check the condition of the spare wheel. Too often it's the forgotten tire until you suddenly realize you need it.

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